Construction Process

Every step in our construction process is designed to deliver an attractive, durable and safe installation that can be enjoyed safely for years to come.

  1. Site Evaluation. We will examine the potential site, taking into consideration any underground utilities, property set back limits, local ordinances and codes and other factors that can affect placement.
  2. Site Pregrading. The next step is to prepare the site by removing trees, shrubbery, sidewalks and other obstructions to the site and do some preliminary leveling.
  3. Layout, Framing and Excavation. Once the shape, size and features of the pool have been determined, the framing layout is created and excavation can begin. The digging may involve mini-excavators, front end loaders or trackhoes. If access is severely limited, we have been known to dig by hand.
  4. Pool Circulation Equipment Installation. All pool plumbing is installed in this step: automatic pool cleaner systems, swim jets, skimmers, main drains, returns, shear descents, etc. All plumbing is pressure tested to check for leaks.
  5. Steel Tying. Once the plumbing is in, the steel basket can be formed that will be the base for the gunite. The steel infrastructure reinforces joints and helps protect against cracking as the pool form undergoes temperature changes due to weather and usage.
  6. Gunite Spraying. Gunite is an extremely versatile and durable substance used to create a smooth, exceptionally hard surface. A dry mixture of sand and Portland cement is combined with water as it is pneumatically sprayed into the steel basket. The velocity of the spray makes the material particularly dense, and the method of application allows for design and shaping that cannot be achieved with regular concrete.